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I love this combo

This is my fourth time using the combo since I purchased in April 2021. Although the metal piece came off the clamp fastener for toilet I still give 5 stars bc the toilet is still functional and I cannot use public portal potty. However the metal. Hinge piece replacement would satisfy any of my insecurities. I've emailed to see how to get that piece I'll just have to wait and see. I'll update review depending on that feedback. As far as sink. It does get tiresome using foot pump to get water pressure but this item allows for my privacy. It has been a lifesaver when we camp out in our cargo trailer. I'd buy another.

Earthquake preparedness

One never knows what will happen in an earthquake. I lived in Hawaii and felt some big ones on the Big Island. We had an outhouse there and it worked. So I am now ready here. It is comforting to know that angle is taken care of. Everything works so whatever comes I have this backup.

Bathroom Combo

Very efficient and easy to use. It’s definitely better that I use my own bathroom because I’m a clean freak and I get disgusted with public restrooms. Easy installation as well.


So easy to assemble, and, a perfect addition to my BBQ area. Built a cabinet around it, with a small counter, and open area for the foot pedal. I want to add that I saw your video, and was/am impressed that you put these all over NY parks, so that the homeless can have a way to wash their hands. Such a beautiful thing you’ve done. I applaud you!

TidoHome Flexible Drain Pipe Parts (Suitable for Portable Sink)
Cynthia F.
excellent service

I had excellent help in finding this part from Emily in customer service. It came quickly and was the exact part neede.

love it

I been wanting to put a sink in my BBQ area so I can wash my hands before opening my doors to my house, This was the perfect thing, I saw it at our health gym and said This is what I have been looking for, I posted it on my fb page to show family and friends .

Easy set up!

Easy to set up and I love how easy it is to use:) Much so that I decided to keep it up year around in my Florida room till I needed it for my business!

Truckers Take Notice

Quite possibly the best thing I ever purchased for my truck

Overall, good sink

The sink worked well for half a year. Then the soap dispenser and the stand column broke. Had to buy a new sink as the parts were not available. Hope this one lasts longer.

Great product for outdoors

I ordered this to place in my travel trailer. The base was just too big to fit in the area I had planned. The product is exactly what is says it is, being a handwashing station. So convenient and easy to transport. Ideal for many outdoor activities!


I ordered for my daycare and we me & the children love it!!!đŸ¤™đŸ™ƒty

Portable Camping Sink & Toilet

I have a mobile sharpening service. Recently I upgraded my mobile workshop from a van to a mini school bus conversion. Finding and ordering the Portable Camping Sink and Toilet combo will be life changing! Being out in the public day after day, especially with Covid19, finding a clean, decent public restroom is becoming more and more difficult. Having the Portable Camping Sink and Toilet combo installed in my workshop eliminates this problem all together. I am so very happy with my purchase, the price, the ease of installation, and the convenience. Thank you Tidobit for offering such a fine product.

100% worth it!

Would recommend this to anyone on a budget I have tried many different types and all I can say is for the price it's totally worth it! Looking forward to buying more products from them.

Clearance Sale - Portable Hand Wash Stations, Portable Sinks for Camping, Outdoor Portable Sink with 6.3Gal Recovery Water Tank_1
Victor S.C.
Delighted Service

I was delighted to receive my item in a quick and timely manner and the product is good.


It suits my needs in my Tractor and will work perfectly when I go off-road camping.
Well made and easy to use.
I will be modifying it with a DC pump with on off switch though, makes life even easier.

Great for my family child care business.

Due to COVID19 family child care providers must take extra precautions to ensure the health and safety of the children in our care. We use this portable sink along with health check and sanitizing our home. The parents are required to wash their hands and their child hand before entry.

I purchased the smaller portable sink and loved it.. I saw this one and said it would be even better.. Great for hand washing, parents and children before entering my family childcare home. Due to COVID19 this isanother measure I use to stop the spread of COVID19 in my business.
Tina Nicholson-Wimberly

Great for my child care business.

Great for hand washing parents and children before entering my family childcare home. Due to COVID19 its another measure I use to stop the spread in my business.

Great products!

I have ordered two portable handwashing stations with recovery tanks. Both were delivered quickly, easy to assemble, and sturdy. I love the products!!

Covid-19 Protection

I bought this sink for our church outdoor kids camp to prevent covid spread. Works great, even a 4 year old can operate the pump.
I also like that it is super light when empty, plus the wheels are convenient when it is full and heavy. Bonus, the spout is perfect size for filling small squirt guns.

Putting it together was simple except snapping the sink onto the posts. It took quite a bit of force to connect and I was afraid to break something.

I do not like the thought of cleaning out the awkward shape of the soap reservoir. Consequently, I opted to cap that off and use a separate soap dispenser.

Storage is simple, after draining the water I place a cloth over the drain spout and secure it with a rubber band. This allows the remaining moisture to dry out without molding. The cloth also prevents ants or critters from getting into the tank and pipes.
To protect from spreading bacteria -
1. Use bleach that does not have an added scent (like lemon).
2. Add 1/8 teaspoon (8 drops or about 0.75 milliliters) of household liquid bleach to 1 gallon (16 cups) of water.
3. Mix well and wait 30 minutes or more before using.

Over all this sink is very easy and practical, just how I like it. Everyone that has used it loves it and thinks it's a superior preventative measure against Covid-19.

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