What's The Best Portable Camping Toilet?

As much as we all love camping, most of us miss certain aspects of our home comforts whilst we are away on a camping trip, and one of the ones that we often miss the most is a working bathroom!

While some campsites have their own bathroom facilities, these are often only on busy campsites and they can be fairly unsanitary, with several families on a site sharing the same bathroom – these days, that’s more unappealing than ever.

As for camping elsewhere, out in the wilderness, none of us want to be doing our business into a hole in the ground or against a tree. It’s one thing to get back to nature, but there’s certain parts of regular life that we’d much rather stick to!

For these reasons, one of the most important things that you and your family can bring along with you on a camping trip is a good portable toilet, so that you can relieve yourself comfortably, without the hygiene worries of sharing a bathroom with lots of other people, many of whom will be strangers.

The best camping toilet should be compact and light-weight, and should be simple to set up, use, empty and clean. There are many options on the market these days, so how do you know that you’ve picked the right one?

Simple – it’s because the right one is the TidoHome Portable Camping Toilet!

Let’s take a look at this Best Portable Camping Toilet - TidoHome, so you can take a look at just why you need one so much for your next camping trip!

  • Lightweight And Perfectly Sized

The Best Portable Camping Toilet - TidoHome is the perfect size to bring away with you on a camping trip, at 16.9” in height and 14.6” in width. The materials are also fairly lightweight, meaning that the toilet – when empty – can be carried easily right over to your perfect camping spot.

Camping can mean loading up your car with a whole lot of different things before you go, so you need a portable toilet that will not take up too much room. In that respect, the TidoHome Portable Camping Toilet is perfect!

  • Excellent Tank Capacity

While the toilet itself is so portable and compact, that doesn’t mean to say that TidoHome have sacrificed the tank capacity of their toilet. The base tank of the Portable Camping Toilet, which holds the fresh water for flushing and cleaning, is 3.2 gallons, so there is no need to worry about constantly re-filling your toilet with new water. One fill could last all day – potentially even longer. In fact, the tank holds enough water for up to 50 flushes!

As for the waste tank of the toilet, the capacity is a huge 5.3 gallons, so there’s no need to empty out your waste tank over and over again if you don’t want to – there’s enough space in the waste tank that you can keep using the toilet throughout the day and empty once, each night or each morning. If there’s only a small group of you on your trip, you might even not need to empty the tank until you’re ready to leave.

Either way, you’ll have no trouble working it out – the Best Portable Camping Toilet - TidoHome has a waste level indicator, so you’ll know for sure when it’s time to empty the tank.

A camping trip should be a chance to get away from it all and enjoy being back to nature. The large capacity of both tanks on the TidoHome Portable Camping Toilet means that you don’t have to spend your whole trip worrying about whether or not it’s time to empty the camping toilet!

  • Simple To Set Up

The Best Portable Camping Toilet - TidoHome is easy to set-up, with no parts needing to be assembled first. Simply fill the tanks, prepare the toilet according to the included user manual, flush the toilet, then you’re ready to use!

Camping trips are supposed to be like a mini back-to-nature vacation, so don’t bring along a camping toilet that requires long set-up and waste time from your trip getting it ready to work – the TidoHome Portable Camping Toilet can be working and ready to use in just minutes!

  • Empty With Ease

When it does come to emptying your toilet, you’re probably worried what an unpleasant job that will be. Don’t worry – not all toilets are quite as difficult to empty as others!

The Best Portable Camping Toilet - TidoHome is extremely easy to empty, thanks to it’s rotating splash-free spout, which allows you to quickly and discreetly empty the waste tank once it is full. Simply separate the tanks, rotate the spout and pour out the waste – it’s as easy as that.

As for any unpleasant odors, the TidoHome Portable Camping Toilet is built using special odor-resistant materials, so it won’t be quite as bad as you’re expecting.

  • Easy To Clean

Once emptied, the Best Portable Camping Toilet - TidoHome is easy to clean.

Simply use a hose or other water source to wash away any stains or dirt, then use a disinfectant and flush. The toilet should look – and even smell – as good as new!

Too many camping toilets require so much cleaning after use that the thought of it is enough to put you off the natural beauty of your camping trip. That’s why we’ve made cleaning the TidoHome Portable Camping Toilet easy, quick and as pleasant as possible.

TidoHome is the best Portable Camping Toilet. There are so many reasons why the TidoHome Portable Camping Toilet is the best one for your camping trip. Why not take one along on your next trip and find out for yourself?

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