This Portable Toilet-Sink Combo Is Perfect For Small Bathrooms

It’s obviously common sense that when you’ve used the toilet, you have to wash your hands. The same is true of using a portable toilet, of course, though we often find that portable toilets are used in an area where there is no running water to be found. All too often, we might find ourselves using a bottle of water or hand sanitizer to clean our hands after using a portable toilet, but these aren’t particularly effective – and in the era of COVID-19, washing your hands effectively has never been more important.

For that reason, the very best idea is to pair your portable toilet with a portable sink, wherever you are planning to take it. The TidoHome Upgraded Portable Toilet And Sink Model is the perfect toilet-sink combo for all your portable bathroom needs!

Combining two of TidoHome’s best products, this combo is an all-in-one solution, ideal for camping, festivals, outdoor events, construction sites and RV travel. The TidoHome Portable Toilet And Sink Model can even be used in the home – if you have a small space in your home that you’ve considered turning into an additional bathroom, this could make the ideal solution to try that out without committing to the installation of a full bathroom until you have made up your mind.

Let’s take a look at how the TidoHome Portable Toilet And Sink Model works, and why it’s the best toilet-sink combo for so many different purposes.

Easy To Assemble, Disassemble and Move

This is one thing that you won’t struggle to pack for your next trip! The TidoHome Portable Toilet And Sink Model is easy to take anywhere and everywhere.

The toilet itself is lightweight and fairly small, requiring very little set up beyond initial filling and disinfecting. The sink may look a little more complicated and cumbersome, but appearances can be deceptive! Each part of the sink slots together neatly and sturdily, but can be disassembled without too much hassle at all.

Carrying the sink whilst disassembled is easy, thanks to the carry handle and smaller, manageable parts, though the sink can be very easily moved around using the wheels on the bottom of the sink unit.

As for connecting the two units together, this is done using one pipe – there’s no complicated instructions involved in set-up, anyone can do it! If you’re heading out on a short trip or only need to use the toilet/sink combo for one day, you’re likely worried that the long set-up needed would feel like a waste of time – with the TidoHome Portable Toilet And Sink Model, there is no long set-up time at all!

Small And Compact – Perfect For Small Bathrooms

Perhaps you’ve recently moved into a new home and haven’t quite got your new bathroom up and running, or perhaps you’ve experienced issues with the plumbing in your home. In these circumstances, the TidoHome Toilet And Sink Model is a real lifesaver – the ability to have a flushing toilet and running water in your sink, no plumbing needed!

The easy clean-up means that this is a great solution for life’s little emergencies. If you can’t get a plumber out to your bathroom right away, then there’s no need to panic – the TidoHome toilet and sink will work just as well in the mean time.

Whether you place it in your current bathroom or in another private space within your home, the TidoHome Toilet And Sink Model doesn’t take up anywhere near as much space as you might expect! The toilet unit is 16.5” in height and 13.8” in width, while the sink is 39.3” in height and 28.3” in width – both are the perfect size for adults and children to use, without being uncomfortably small or too large.

Once you no longer need to use the TidoHome Toilet And Sink Model in your home, simply empty the tanks, clean the units, disassemble and store them away. The toilet, with the seat down and locked, can be fit quite easily into a garage or other storage space. The sink breaks down from one larger unit into seven more manageable pieces, making it equally simple to store once you have finished using it.

Doesn’t Compromise On Hygiene

We all know that washing your hands with soap is far more effective than washing them with water alone – and we don’t feel that even portable sinks should compromise on cleanliness and hygiene, especially in these times when proper hand washing has never been more important.

The TidoHome Portable Sink includes a liquid soap dispenser, which can be filled with up to six pints of liquid soap at a time. This means that you can wash your hands thoroughly without having to purchase additional bottles of soap to place near the toilet and sink – it’s right there, built-in to the unit, so that you and your family can keep your hands safe and clean.

Large Tank Capacity – Can Be Used All Day

The tanks of both units have a large enough capacity that you won’t find yourself having to re-fill them several times a day. The base tank of the sink has a capacity of 30L – that’s 6.5 gallons! With such a large water capacity, your sink can be used again and again, with little need to re-fill more than once a day.

When you are ready to re-fill your sink, simply detach the water tank from the rest of unit, unscrew the lid on top and re-fill from your nearest water source. It’s easy, simple and quick!

There are so many great reasons why the TidoHome Portable Toilet And Sink could work for you – why not to it out for yourself?

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