The Perfect Portable Sink For Truckers

If you work as a trucker, one of the most difficult things about a long day of driving cross-country can be finding the time and place to relieve yourself. Of course, there are rest stops at certain parts of your journey, but you might not quite need to go when you pass them – and by the time you do, you could have a long drive before you reach the next!

To combat this problem, lots of truckers equip themselves with a portable toilet that can be taken anywhere and everywhere, so that when nature calls, they’re ready to go! However, a portable toilet is one thing – but what about washing your hands?

Washing your hands and keeping them clean and sanitary has never been more important. You might think ‘it’s no problem, I’ll just carry hand sanitizer’, but studies have found that washing your hands with soap and water is far more effective than using hand santizer alone – information that, right now, we certainly all need to take on board.

Luckily, there is a perfect solution out there. Why not team your portable toilet together with a portable sink? We think we’ve built the perfect one for truckers everywhere.

Let’s take a look at why the TidoHome Portable Hand Washing Station is the perfect portable sink to take on the road.

Set It Up In Minutes

To get your TidoHome Portable Hand-Washing Station ready to use, all you need to do is fill the base tank with water, then fit the other pieces together to build the unit up into a ready-to-use, fully-functional sink.

If you don’t have the room in your truck to have the sink built-up and ready to use during the day, then that’s no problem. Simply fill the base tank in the morning and have that ready to go, and be ready to put the rest of the pieces into place as and when you need them – trust us when we say it could take no longer than a couple of minutes to get it ready!

The base tank has a capacity of 30 liters, too, so you will most likely only need to refill the tank once every couple of days, in order to keep the water clean and fresh. With such a large tank capacity, you’re unlikely to ever use up all the water in one day of the road, especially if travelling by yourself.

The Most Sanitary Way To Clean Your Hands

rest stop bathrooms are the ideal breeding ground for bacteria.

People from all areas of the country, all using the same sinks, many of them in a rush and perhaps not washing their hands properly, therefore potentially leaving harmful germs and bacteria throughout the room… in these times where it’s more important than ever that we keep our hands clean and sanitary at all times, rest stop bathrooms are most certainly best avoided.

The TidoHome Portable Hand-Washing Station is the most sanitary portable sink around, incorporating a built-in liquid soap dispenser with a capacity of six pints, so that you’re never without the soap needed to give your hands a thorough clean. The sink is also operating using a foot pump – no need to spread germs onto any taps, leaving even the most careful hand-washing less effective. The TidoHome sink is built for convenience, but also for peak cleanliness and hygiene.

The Perfect Travel Bathroom

If you’ve not yet invested in a portable toilet for your time on the road, then why not save yourself some time, money and trouble by purchasing yourself an all-in-one travel bathroom? Here at TidoHome, we have the perfect solution.

The TidoHome Portable Toilet And Sink Combo Set comes with not just a sink, but a simple-to-use portable toilet, too. The two units are lightweight and disassemble into several more manageable pieces, so they’re perfect to take with you on the road. Both the toilet and the sink can be ready to use in just a few minutes, with very little preparation, and the toilet is surprisingly easy to empty.

If you’re still timing your toilet trips according to the nearest rest stops – taking time away from a journey that you just want to get right on with – then you need to see for yourself what a difference a portable bathroom makes to life on the road.

If you’ve ever relieved yourself at the side of the freeway and then ‘cleaned’ your hands with hand sanitizer, it’s time to try something different! With the TidoHome Toilet And Sink Combo Set, you get the comfort of using a home bathroom, wherever along the road you happen to be.

Easy, Convenient and Safe

If your job entails travelling up and down the country, visiting rest stops and public bathrooms can leave you exposed to a whole lot of different bacteria and germs, at a time when this can be incredibly dangerous.

The best way to keep yourself and your family safe is to completely skip the use of unsanitary public bathrooms and make sure that you keep yourself and your hands clean for the entirety of your cross-country journey.

Using the TidoHome Portable Hand-Washing Station – the best portable sink for truckers across America – you can go to the toilet and walk away with clean, safe hands whenever and wherever you need.

At just $159.90, this isn’t a product to miss out on! Pick yours up today, and see just how much the TidoHome Portable Hand-Washing Station could revolutionize life on the road for you.

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