The Importance of Portable Sinks in the Classroom

Now more than ever, it is important to keep classrooms and students clean. Even in normal times, however, classrooms are filled with messes and germs that need to be taken care of with a sink. Unfortunately, there are many classrooms that don’t have a sink, and many more that only have one. Portable sinks can solve problems in the classroom with ease, as they are capable of being tucked away in small areas. In addition, they only have to be used when they are need, meaning that teachers do not have to worry about the possibility of children breaking them in the classroom. For these and many more reasons, portable sinks are important to have in the classroom.

Hand washing stations are valuable no matter where they are, but the truth that portable sinks are helpful in schools is undeniable. In classrooms with younger children, teachers often utilize a range of materials to entertain the kids and keep them engaged. These materials, from makers and crayons, to paints and play doughs, can make large messes in classrooms. Glue sticks and hot glue as well are frequent culprits of classrooms clutter. In these situations, have a portable sink can be very useful. By pulling it out when children need it, teachers can ensure that their classrooms stay clean and their students are not contributing to an extra messes. In addition, it is also true that older students in middle school and high school are tasked with using equipment which can contribute to much more filth. Especially in science classes where students are required to learn about and use materials that can be harmful to skin and eyes, it is important to have sinks on hand. Unfortunately, there are many school districts that cannot afford or do not have the ability to install sinks in these rooms.

In higher level art classes too, students being to use materials that require regular touch up and practice or that can stain skin or clothing. In any of these situations, a portable sink can be of great use. By having a hand washing station nearby, even for classrooms that already have one, more students can take advantage proper cleaning techniques and teachers then do not have to fear for adverse effects that could arise from classroom activities. Also, beyond the classroom, portable hand washing stations can be placed around schools in areas where students gather in large numbers or where messes are prone to occurring. An example of a great place to house a portable sink would be the lunchroom. Lunchrooms are always home to dozens, sometimes hundreds of students, and as such they can become breeding grounds for grime and germs. By using portable sinks, school can remedy the issue. Having these products prepared for children to use in case of messes or stick situations can do a world of good, as well as keep students in the cafeteria instead of wandering the halls trying to find a bathroom, which can present its own problems.

And while lunchrooms are a great spot for portable sinks, they are hardly the only other use for them in a school building. Another great spot is actually outside the school itself. On the playground, portable sinks can do a lot of good. So many are familiar with the accidental trips that can occur when running to the swings, or the scrapes that are so common when diving onto the proper space from some extra flare. In these situations, having a portable sink makes cleaning and helping students much easier. Where teachers would have to take their students inside, perhaps across the school, they can simply use a portable sink to properly sterilize wounds and make sure children are okay. In fact, with scrapes and cuts that can occur outside, it is better to make sure students get the injuries cleaned as soon as possible to avoid infection. Portable hand washing stations will be very useful not only for students, but for the teachers that are tasked with taking care of them. While it may not seem like a conventional solution, portable sinks are the answer to many problems and are capable of doing serious good for students and staff members.

A school may not, at first, seem like the best place for a portable sink. Not many schools utilize the products. With a little thought, however, it becomes clear just how useful the tools can be for school districts. Portable sinks like those manufactured and sold by TidoHome are capable of solving problems in schools before they even happen. This is incredibly helpful for staff members, especially in an environment where so many people are forced to coexist. Having portable sinks around can also be comforting for parents, who can be assured that their children will always have access to a spot to clean themselves or wash of harmful substances. Again, it may seen odd at first, thinking about using a portable hand washing station in the classroom. For many people, the thought is alien. But for many school districts, chiefly those that are large and are home to thousands of students, having portable sinks around presents undeniable benefits that can help students and staff members stay healthy and productive in the long term.

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