The Ideal Portable Sink For Farmers Markets

While farmers markets may not be happening at the moment due to the ongoing pandemic, we will soon start to make a slow return to a ‘new normal’ way of life – and that will mean increased hygiene and sanitation solutions in areas where there are many people present. Farmers markets, due to the set-up of small businesses working at tables or kiosks, will have to find ways of giving visitors and vendors a space where they can fully wash and sanitise their hands in order to keep everyone safe from viruses and sickness.

This is something that might have been a difficult problem to solve in the past, but now there are some great options on the market for anyone looking to purchase a portable sink – one of the best being the TidoHome Upgraded Portable Hand Washing Station!

This sink features a 6.3 gallon recovery water tank, a steel water faucet, a foot pump, a liquid soap dispenser and four wheels to allow for ease of movement and added portability.

So, why is the TidoHome Upgraded Portable Hand Washing Station the ideal portable sink for farmers markets?

  • Easy To Set Up

The sink is fully-portable and can be disassembled and reassembled with ease! When taken apart, all pieces of the sink are fairly lightweight and easy to carry, allowing the owner of the sink to take it anywhere and have it set up and ready to use in no time at all.

Despite being so portable and easy to disassemble, however, the sink is sturdy and stable once it has been built up. Each piece fits together easily and will stay in place for as long as they are in use, no matter how many times the sink is used over the course of the day.

The water tank is very easy to fill – simply unscrew the lid from the tank and fill from your nearest water source. With a 6.3 gallon capacity, you can use your sink all day long without having to worry about disassembling and reassembling the sink to refill the tank several times in one day – in fact, you don’t have to disassemble the sink to refill the tank at all. You can unscrew the top and refill your tank again, no disassembly needed until you have finished using it.

  • Foot Pump For Sanitary Use

When using traditional sinks, we can still end up with germs and bacteria on our hands – even after we have washed them. This is due to having to turn on the taps with dirty hands, then turning them off with our hands clean, picking up some of the bacteria that may have spread to the taps when we turned them on. These days, the risk of using public sinks is huge in this respect, as so many people will use a particular sink at once.

With the TidoHome Portable Hand Washing Sink, this isn’t a problem – water is dispensed from the tap using a foot pump, meaning that your hands don’t come into contact with the tap at all. In these uncertain times, this is the best way to keep a hand-washing station safe and sanitary at a public event such as a farmers market.

Providing a sink for public use is necessary at farmers markets, but does increase the risk of germs and bacteria spreading – that’s why a sink like this, which does not require the user to touch the taps, will always be the safest and most hygienic option.

  • Built-In Soap Dispenser

Did you know that washing your hands using soap removes over twice the amount of germs and dirt as washing your hands without?

Now more than ever, it’s important that all public sinks come equipped with soap, so that each and every person who uses the sink can come away knowing that their hands are fully clean. That’s why the TidoHome Portable Hand Washing Sink has a built-in soap dispenser, which will encourage all who use it to wash their hands properly and will contribute to keeping everyone at the farmers market clean and safe from viruses and bacteria.

The soap dispenser works using a push-to-dispense mechanism, which can be used easily and doesn’t even necessarily require the user to touch the pump itself. It can also be refilled quickly and easily, so that you never run out of soap.

  • Can Be Used By All The Family

A farmers market is a family event, so you need to make sure that tyou use a sink which is easily accessible to children.

The TidoHome Portable Sink is the ideal height for all – not too tall for children to use without help from their parents, but not so short that adults may find themselves crouching down to use it!

  • Affordable and Great Value For Money

Hygiene should be accessible to everyone, which is why the TidoHome Portable Hand Washing Station is so reasonably priced – nobody should find themselves at an event where they are unable to wash their hands for any reason, especially at an event where food is being consumed (which is commonplace at farmers markets).

It’s important that the organisers of such an event are able to provide enough facilities for everybody present, which may mean purchasing more than one portable sink for an outdoor event where there could be upwards of hundreds of attendees. The TidoHome Portable Hand Washing Station is priced reasonably enough that you are not paying over the odds for just one unit, meaning that you can purchase as many as you need to cover your farmers market event.

In 2020, keeping your hands clean is more important than ever! Give your farmers market attendees peace of mind by providing them with the best portable hand-washing solution on the market, The TidoHome Upgraded Portable Hand Washing Station.

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