Stay Green Using This Toilet/Sink Combo!

In 2020, we are all trying to do our bit to save the environment, and one of the best ways to do that is to stop wasting water! Did you know that every time you flush your toilet, you use around 1.5 gallons of water?

If we’re using just that much in one flush, imagine how much water is used by the average family of four each day through flushing toilets alone, then multiply that by their neighbourhood, their city, their state… then think about how much water we must be wasting worldwide each and every single day, just by flushing the toilet. It’s almost mind-blowing.

We have to flush the toilet, though, right? Well, yes. While you might have gotten into the habit of only flushing the toilet after a number two, this can still lead your bathroom to become smelly, and these bathroom odors can quickly escape out into the rest of the home. Flushing the toilet will always be the best way to prevent this, so it’s hard to try and decrease your water use in that regard.

You also need to wash your hands afterwards, of course. It’s recommended that, in order to wash your hands thoroughly, you wash them for the amount of time that it takes to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice, or for around twenty-five to thirty seconds. Working off the average amount of times that someone uses the washroom – four times a day – that means we waste around a gallon of water each and every day just washing our hands!

Using the toilet and washing our hands are two things which we have no choice but to do multiple times every day, so how can we do our bit for the planet and make them at least a little more eco-friendly?

Here at TidoHome, we think we have the answer – the TidoHome Portable Toilet And Sink Model.

Use Less Water

The main reason that the TidoHome Portable Toilet And Sink Model could be a more eco-friendly addition to your home is that it simply uses far less water!

With the flush on a regular toilet, the amount of water used in each flush is near enough the same each time – whether it’s needed or not. With the TidoHome Portable Toilet, the flush works manually, meaning that you only use as much water as you need when flushing the toilet. No visible waste on the toilet bowl? A couple of pumps on the flush should be fine. You can decrease your water use through flushing massively by using the TidoHome Portable Toilet.

The waste tank holds up to 6.3 gallons of waste and, once you’re ready to empty it, is much less messy than you might expect, due to the addition of a splash-resistant spout.

By using the TidoHome Portable Toilet with manual flush for toilet trips in your home, then pouring the waste down your home’s traditional toilet and flushing far less often, you could be saving almost ten gallons of water every single day!

As for the sink, the water dispensation on the TidoHome Portable Sink works, once again, manually and is dispensed via a foot pump. That means that you can wet your hands, apply some soap from the built-in liquid soap dispenser, then dispense just as much water as you need to rinse it all away. Once again, this puts the amount of water used firmly on you, and allows you to only use as much water as you need each time you wash your hands – you could be saving several gallons of water every day with the TidoHome Portable Sink.

An added benefit to this foot pump system is that it also keeps your hands cleaner and free from bacteria that could be spread onto clean hands by using them to turn off the taps on a traditional sink – so the foot pump system is good for the planet, but good for keeping you and your family safer, too.

Encourages Less Paper Waste

The TidoHome Portable Toilet works best with bio-degradable toilet paper. Switching to bio-degradable toilet paper is great for the environment, as 3,000 tons of paper towel waste is created each day in the US alone – if we can work on making a large percentage of that come from the use of bio-degradable paper, we’d be doing the planet a huge favour.

Regular toilet paper can be used, but just less of it. Whatever toilet paper you decide to use with your TidoHome Portable Toilet, you’re more than likely doing the planet a favor.

Good For Your Bills!

As an added incentive, not only is making the switch to the TidoHome Portable Toilet And Sink Model good for the planet, but it could save you a whole lot of money on your water bills in the long run, too!

With the initial investment price of just $199.90 to purchase the set, you’ll be saving money in no time, thanks to your hugely-decreased use of the toilet flush and traditional sink. A few months after making the switch, you should begin to notice that your family are making considerable savings on their water bills.

The sink uses cold water, too, which – according to leading science experts – is no less effective in cleaning your hands than hot water, so you may also find yourself making some savings on your monthly energy bill.

All in all, the TidoHome Portable Toilet And Sink Model will save water, save energy and save you money! What are you waiting for? Make the switch today!

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  • Please give me a cal at 3369873013 I have some questions please thinking about getting one

  • Please give me a cal at 3369873013 I have some questions please thinking about getting one


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