Must-haves To Reopen Your Business During COVID-19

In the early weeks of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic created shelter-in-place orders and wide-sweeping shutdowns across the various countries. As parts of the world look to start relaxing these stringent measures, small and medium scale business owners need to meditate about what’s next and how they will adapt and move forward sustainably and safely. COVID-19 has affected every business differently. Some were able to shift and allocate to a remote work model, while others adjusted their wide-scale operations or closed their businesses’ doors completely. 

As a business owner, the primary concern should be the safety and health of the employees and customers. All places of business, including restaurants, shops, construction sites, and offices, must take serious precautions to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus on-premises.

Here are the considerations or must-haves to reopen business during COVID-19:

  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)

If your business was subject to the occupational safety and health administration’s requirements for employee PPE use, make sure you continue to adhere to those general guidelines for reopening the business.

If your country or city/state has issued specific requirements for your employees and customers to use gloves and face masks on-premises, have a plan to enforce that rule and regulation and provide personal protective equipment to employees if at all possible. Otherwise, you may wish to encourage workers to wear cloth face coverings in the workplace.

  • General hygiene practices

First of all, proper, frequent handwashing and coughing/sneezing into a tissue or elbow must be ensured when businesses resume.

The current cleaning and sanitation practices of all the businesses must be accessed. What procedures can you upgrade or implement to mitigate or reduce the spread of the virus, and how can the employees help maintain those practices?

  • Social distancing

It must be considered that how the current workspace can be reconfigured. Social distancing must be encouraged. The health authorities recommend installing physical barriers, changing layouts to put at least 6 feet of distance between closing communal spaces and work stations.

  • Employee health monitoring

Plans must be developed for monitoring pf the employees’ health, with a particular focus on COVID-19 symptoms.

Decisions must be made about how to handle a particular case of COVID-19 in the workplace. Sick time and paid time off policies must be reiterated to employees, and they must be discouraged from coming to work if they feel ill.

  • Security:

Coronavirus scams are rampant, and employees of any business model are the first line of defense against hackers. If the specific business has been able to operate remotely during the coronavirus crisis and plans to continue this arrangement long-term, cyber-security will need to be a top priority. 

  • Portable handwashing station:

Portable hand wash is portable and recycling instruments that are beneficial at the places where water is scarce. It is integrated into a smart mobile structure with a large storage tank that stores water. By saving water, it proves highly beneficial at those places, precisely where water is scarce or where water is toxic or contagious.

Portable handwashing station

The unique feature of this device has a foot pump. By slightly pressing on the footstep, we can get water effortlessly without connecting it to the water valve. This feature gives it an edge to use at any place where we desire. We can handle it at

1- Camping Sites

2- Social events

3- Medicine Site

4- Workplace

5- Any area which lacks water

  Let’s discuss some extravagant and unique features of this portable handwashing device so that we can understand the things better:

  • Structural integrity:

This compact device is composed and manufactured by using high quality eco-friendly high-density Poly-Ethylene (HDPE). The high density in its bonds gives it a robust outlook. Its toughness makes it impeccable to tear and helps it resist bursting. The high melting point of 131 *C gives it an ability to withstand harsh environments. The use of hydrocarbons along-with HDPE in its structure enhances its durability.

  • Light-weight and Portability:

The structure of this washing device is designed in such a way to make it extraordinarily light-weight and portable. With an intricate handle, you can quickly move the equipment at the place you want.

  • Large Water Tank Capacity:

One of the most asked questions by consumers is how much water this device can store?

Well, this device has an astonishing capacity of 17 liters. A large water tank is connected with its primary structure, which is designed smartly to have a large surface area. Another unique feature in this device is having a foot-pump. By gently stepping on the foot-pump, a stream of water will automatically start flowing, which will allow you to wash your hands. So, this device also has the feature of hand-free operation. Hand-free service enables this device to be used by more than one person without getting infected by any virally or bacterially transmitted diseases.

Large Water Tank Capacity

  • Personal hygiene and sanitation:

This portable hand washing device also has a network of an integrated liquid soap dispenser, a flexible drainage hose, and a stainless-steel towel holder used for personal hygiene and sanitation. The flexible drainage hose allows a user to direct waste away. These characteristics ensure free personal health and ensure maximum cleanliness.

  • Out-door Camping or Social events:

Its compact and light structure with its unique and smart features allows it to be used anywhere where water is scarce, or drainage is limited. It is beneficial for medicine sites, out-door social events, boating, and working sites.

If your to reopen business during COVID-19, the Portable Handwashing Station is a must-have. Tido Home is a company dedicated to providing high-quality Portable Sink & Portable Toilet at affordable price. Discover professional portable hand washing sink and portable toilet -- It's must-have if you want to build your warm home, go outdoors or camping in the wild.


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