How to Choose the Right Portable Sinks for Your School

The onslaught of the current COVID-19 pandemic has spurred more emphasis on the need for handwashing stations at schools. It is because students must have the means to keep their hands clean. Unfortunately, many schools could not spend too much budget or allot extended time to build new restrooms and install additional sinks. However, investing in portable sinks can help resolve this problem.

What is a Portable Sink?

A portable sink is essentially a cheaper and more convenient substitute for traditional sinks. They are self-contained handwashing stations that do not require any plumbing. Portable sinks have pumps that help manage the dispense of water.

Purchasing portable sinks for classrooms and other parts of the school are great investments for a variety of reasons. Here are some notable ones:

1. There is no installation needed.
Portable sinks are compact and self-contained. It means that there is no need for any professional installation service. There is no need for plumbing as well. Because of this, you can easily position them wherever you want and do not require much space.

2. They are more cost-effective than conventional sinks.
Compared to conventional sinks, portable sinks for classrooms are more cost-effective. First, they are portable, which reduces the need to designate a specific room or wall for them. Second, they do not require plumbing or a running water source. That is because these sinks come with water containers that are fillable with freshwater. An example is this Portable Hand Washing Station with a 6.3-Gal Water Tank. The 6.3-gallon tank supplies the required fresh water for the whole unit. Third, unlike traditional sinks, these units are compact. There is no need to hire laborers to maintain any pipes as well.

3. They are portable and movable.
Portability and movability are two things that portable hand washing stations prioritize. To do that, most of the portable sinks that are on sale in markets today comes with wheels, such as with the Portable Camping Sink with Wheels. The wheels help move around the unit conveniently. It makes the unit more flexible when it comes to placement and possible uses. You can move them into classrooms, hallways, faculty offices, and more.

4. They do not require too much space.
Since portable handwashing stations are small and compact, they do not require much space. You can put them in a corner or tuck in between tables and ready to use.

5. They are easy to maintain.
These portable units are easy to maintain. Since they are self-contained, you do not have to hire plumbers to keep any pipe. Cleaning is easy, as well. With the detachable separate tanks or compartments for the wastewater and freshwater, you can easily detach and pour out the wastewater on your own, and refill the fresh water. You will not need any professional cleaning or plumbing service.

6. They are eco-friendly.
Since the portable sinks do not require any running water supply, there is no need for plumbing. It prevents any possibility of rusty and withered pipes, which often wastes water through leaking. It is one of the main problems that most conventional sinks have that people often overlook because of how expensive plumbing services can be. But with portable sinks, the possibility of leaks is manageable, plus most of these sinks use replaceable hoses, which do not rust easily and are less prone to leaking. If a hose is leaking, you can easily buy a replacement.

Choose the Right Sink Height for Children

If you are going to invest in portable sinks for classrooms, you need to consider the height measurement of the units. The standard sink height for toddlers is 20 inches, sinks for children should be around 26 to 28 inches, and sinks for adults at 36 to 38 inches.

If you want to put these portable sinks in the classrooms, then for preschool classrooms, the toddler standard height is a useful reference. For elementary students, the standard measurement for children is the appropriate choice. For high school and college classrooms, the adult height standard is the best option. If the height references are too short, there are step tools available as well. Some sinks come with these stools, but others have them as separate orders.

Choose High-Quality Materials to Stay Healthy

Choosing the design and proper height of the portable sinks for the classroom is essential. However, choosing the right materials with high quality are also crucial. That is because although there is not much any material restriction when it comes to adults since the sinks are for students’ usage, the materials must be appropriate to their age and purpose.              

For starters, the material of the sink for these portable sinks are commonly ABA plastic or stainless steel. Some use High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic for the whole unit. The countertops for most cabinet types are either laminate, stainless steel, HDPE, or ABA plastic. If you choose those with cabinets, the most common materials are aluminum and steel. Frames can be melamine, wood, laminate, or plastic.

Before you choose the materials for your portable classroom sinks, it is best to refer to your local codes and standards first. Then, check the purpose of the sinks. If you want to use them for heavy-duty purposes, then stainless steel and wood units are a good choice. For general usage, especially inside classrooms, ABA and HDPE units can be good picks.

The Right Places for Portable Sinks in School

Although portable sinks are flexible, there are some cases where you must carefully consider the area where you will be placing them. That is because the placement of the sink can affect the size of the sink you need to buy. There is also a matter of accessibility.

First, you need to consider if you want the sink to be for outdoor use or indoor use. Some sinks are specifically for outdoor use, while others are for indoors. If you have a playground or garden in your school, then you to purchase the outdoor units. The material can be plastic or stainless steel.

For portable sinks for the classroom, you need to consider how many students will use it. If you have more than ten students, then consider getting two single sink units or one dual sink unit. Most classroom sinks have wood cabinets and stainless-steel sinks. Some also have extended counter spaces.

Hallways can have dual sinks as well. If you have multiple uses for space, you can buy compact and wheeled sinks like the Portable Hand Washing Station with Wheels. They are smaller, have no cabinets, and wheeled. So, you can store them when not in use.


If you decide to invest in portable sinks for your school, make sure to choose those with high quality. Check the material of the unit as well as the features. Then, decide on the height. The height of the sink must complement those that will be using it. Toddlers should have toddler standard portable sinks for the classroom, child standard for elementary, and adults for high school. Do not forget the placement and number of people who will be using it as well. The more people that will use the sinks, the more you should purchase to prevent crowding.


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