How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Portable Toilet?

Whether you’re holding an outdoor event, taking on some home improvement work which puts your current bathroom out of use or looking after the employees of a construction site, you’ve more than likely already considered the costs of renting a portable toilet.

Portable toilets are incredibly useful and, in many of the above situations, necessary for the happiness and hygiene of employees, customers or your family. However, though you might feel that renting a toilet is the logical answer when you need a short-term solution, there could be a much better, more convenient and affordable way to go about it.

Let’s take a look at the cost of renting a portable toilet, and why you could find yourself looking to purchase a portable toilet instead.

How Much Does Portable Toilet Rental Cost?

Portable toilet rental costs can vary based on a few factors, such as length of rental, quality of toilet, purpose of rental and even the location that you live or operate your business in, though there is national averages that we can work off here.

With that in mind, we can tell you that the average cost to rent a portable toilet for one day in the USA is $125-$175 per day. However, it’s not quite as black and white as that.

First of all, it’s important to note that the rules are different depending on the purpose that you are renting a toilet for. If you’re looking to hire a portable toilet for family use for the duration of a home improvement project, then you only need to hire one toilet.

However, if you are looking to hire a portable toilet for an outdoor event that you are running or for the use of multiple people in their place of work (i.e: construction sites), then the rules change slightly, and you’ll have to consider the cost of renting more than one toilet at a time.

For outdoor events, an event which expects up to fifty people should provide two portable toilets, which increases to eight portable toilets when a crowd of up to 500 is expected. For anything up to 1000 attendees, there should be at least twelve portable toilets on site.

So, for an event which has 1000 attendees, you could be looking at a cost of $2,100 just to rent portable toilets for a single day!

As for construction sites, there is rules in place which state that there should be one portable toilet per ten workers. So, if you have twenty workers on site, you should have two toilets – a rental which could set you back $350 every day for the duration of the construction. Over the course of four working weeks, you could be looking at a cost of $7,000 just to provide your workers with a place to relieve themselves!

More expensive than you thought?

What About Buying A Portable Toilet?

These costs are based on the most standard form of portable toilet – the stand-alone cubicle ‘porta potties’. While these allow you some sense of privacy, they are often incredibly smelly, claustrophobic and difficult to empty, and – as we’ve discussed – a whole lot less cost-effective than you may have thought.

Luckily, there is an alternative – the TidoHome Portable Camping Toilet is an easy-to-use, high-quality and high-capacity camping toilet which can be taken and used absolutely anywhere.

The toilet waste tank has a capacity of 5.3 gallons – far more than many other portable camping toilets - meaning it can be used all day without the need for constant back-and-forth emptying.

When the time to empty the toilet arrives, which you will be able to tell by the built-in waste level indicator, emptying the TidoHome Portable Camping Toilet is quick, simple and far less messy than you might imagine, thanks to the splash-free spout. The toilet is also built using odor-resistant materials, making it far less smelly than the standard porta potty.

Suprisingly, a lot of standard porta potties – the kind that could be rented at the lower end of the price scale – don’t even include a flushing mechanism. With the TidoHome Portable Camping toilet, that’s not the case – in fact, on a full water tank, this easy-to-use toilet can be flushed up to fifty times before a refill is needed.

So, how does the price match up?

The Cost Of Renting vs. Buying

When we put it in the most basic of terms, it’s clear which option wins out between renting a standard porta potty and the one-time purchase of a TidoHome Portable Camping Toilet.

A standard porta potty could, at the lower end of the scale, set you back $125 for an eight-hour rental – and there’s no guarantee that this lower-priced option even includes a flushing mechanism.

You need to have the toilet delivered to you and placed by the company who you are renting from, and organize a date and time for the toilets to be picked up afterwards. For the time that you have them, they are incredibly difficult to empty and clean by yourself, meaning you could be looking at an extra call-out or charge from the rental company.

The TidoHome Portable Camping Toilet will cost you the one-time purchase price of $99.90 – so not only is it yours to keep, but it’s cheaper in the first place!

This toilet has a working flush, large capacity, easy set-up and easy cleaning, making it ideal for whatever purpose you need your portable toilet for – and when that’s over, you can take your portable toilet with you on camping trips, boating or use it for any other similar purposes in the future!

The logic is clear – why rent a portable toilet when buying one with TidoHome is not only cheaper, but better all round?

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  • You made an interesting point when you mentioned that an event that is expecting 50 people should have at least two portable toilets available. Having the proper number of portable toilets at an event seems like the best way to prevent long lines from occurring. Preventing long lines from occurring seems like a good way to keep guests at an event happy.

    Henry Killingsworth
  • My sister is having her wedding reception party outdoors this March, so we need portable toilets for the guests to use when they need to. I’m thankful that you informed us that most portable toilets cost an average of $125-$175 per day but they may also depend on the purpose of the rental. I’ll be sure to inform my sister of this while I help her look for toilet rentals to book before her wedding day.

    Elina Brooks
  • I appreciate how you explained that it usually costs $125-$175 per day to rent a portable toilet. I’ve been thinking about renting one for our next event. They don’t have many restrooms on site, so we’ll be sure to look into finding room in the budget for this.

    Olivia Smart
  • You made a good point when you mentioned that portable toilets are incredibly useful. I would imagine that a lot of construction sites utilize portable toilets because the workers don’t have access to functional plumbing. It would be important for the construction workers to be able to use a restroom during their work day.

    Thomas Clarence
  • My sister’s wedding venue didn’t come with restroom facilities, so she’s looking for the best option for her situation. It’s interesting to know how bigger events require more than just one portable toilet, so I’ll call my sister and ask how many guests she’ll have at her wedding. Thank you for explaining how much you’d spend on renting portable toilets for outdoor events.

    Eli Richardson

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