How Does A Portable Sink Work?

Portable sink is one of the very important things during COVID-19 that are used in many areas such as daycare centers, school canteens, offices, clinics and restaurants. It is also used in some homes during outdoor gatherings. These places and events necessitate clean hands. This kind of sink is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. 

How Does A Portable Sink Work? Today we introduce the best selling protable sink on the market.

How Does Portable Sink Work?


The Tido Home Portable Sink is a kind of sink that does not require plumbing works and you don't have to find an area where there is a source of water. It is a self-contained sink with recovery water tanks in which you can keep water to be used in hand washing. Some of the expensive portable sink can be plugged on to electrical power source for the hot water flow.

At First, let's learn how to assemble and use the portable sink?

  • After assembling it, don't forget to fill the water tank(17L large capacity).

fill the water tank















  • Hand-free operation: It features a hands-free operation by stepping on the foot pump to provide a stream of water. Each pump dispenses out  about 220mL of water, surely provides you more than 75 washes by a single fill-up.

    foot pump shoots water directly

    water tank pump

    • Then the water will flow upwards along the thin white pipe. There is no other switch, the water will flow out through the tap.

    water flow

    • The sink includes an integrated liquid soap dispenser, stainless steel towel holder. At this time, you can squeeze a little liquid soap for deep cleaning. The CDC recommends at least twenty seconds of consecutive scrubbing! 

    squeeze a little liquid soap

    wash your hands 20 seconds

    • After use, water drains into a recovery water tank contained within the portable sink. The thick and flexible drainage hose allowing you to direct waste away.

    thick and flexible drainage hose

    waste flow into the recovery tank

    • Recovery water tank, you can take anywhere.

    Recovery water tank















    Ordinarily, these tanks are easily removed and emptied so that use of the sink can continue. 

    Portable Sink Size:

    Portable Sink Size


    camping, boating, travel outdoor social events, workplace or somewhere lacks water.

    portable sink Occasions















    Portable sinks are best approach to have a healthy and hygienic lifestyle. If we often wash our hands, bacteria and germs won't stay in our hands therefore, we are safe to hold the foods and we will enjoy eating the delicious foods. This portable sink ensure you're able to maintain a healthy level of hygiene no matter where you are.

    After learning How Does A Portable Sink Work, we know It is such a good move to invest on portable sink because of its contribution to a clean way of living. Stay healthy and stay away from disease, starting with washing your hands. Get affordable portable sink at Tido Home, 12% off entire order with code: SECRET12

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