Do Small Businesses Need A Sink To Meet Health Regulations?

With the ongoing pandemic, many consumers are being a little more careful about there they spend their time – and their money.

It’s never been more important to make sure that your business is clean, sanitary, operates with good hygiene standards and, of course, meets health regulations. You’ve more than likely already familiarized yourself with health regulations if you are a current business owner, but in case you haven’t, or are thinking of running a business and are looking to see what exactly the rules are, let us take you through them.

Which Businesses Need A Sink To Meet Health Regulations?

Unsurprisingly, any business which an employee prepares food must have a sink on the business premises in order to meet health regulations, and the employees must wash their hands before and after preparing food to stop the spread of germs and bacteria.

However, that’s not all. Even if you operate a business in which you simply serve pre-packaged food, you should have a sink on the premises, as you are still working with food which is being served to customers, and are therefore responsible for stopping the spread of germs within your business. The rules are the same for businesses which simply serve drinks.

The rule, when it comes down to it, is fairly simple – if you work with food or drink in any capacity and serve food or drink to customers, then you must have a sink on the business premises. You and your employees should wash and dry your hands (along with any exposed areas of the arms) thoroughly with soap and water before touching, preparing or serving food and drink to the public.

There’s also rules about having a sink on the premises to protect businesses which do not work with food or drink. Optometry businesses must have a sink on the premises that can be used by both employees and clients, due to the amount of time that will be spent by clients either touching their own eyes or having an optometrist work on them.

These are just a few of the instances in which sinks must be found on the business premises, so if you’re ever unsure whether or not your business falls under these rules, be sure to check online.

What About Mobile Businesses?

The rules don’t just cover food and beverage businesses in a permanent location, but cover businesses who travel, too.

So, if you operate a burger van, you need a sink. If you operate a coffee stand, you need a sink. If you operate an ice-cream truck, you need a sink… even if you operate the smallest snack stand out of a little cart, you still need a sink!

What Can I Do?

If you don’t currently have a sink on your business premises, but need to have one to meet health regulations, then you will most likely be looking to get one as soon as possible!

If you have the space allocated within your business to do it, you could get a permanent sink plumbed in, of course. However, this can often cost up to $400, need the assistance and services of a plumber and, if you decide to relocate your business, can’t be moved with you and must be left for the new owners. While having a permanent sink installed might feel like the most logical option, there’s many reasons why it may not be!

The best – and most convenient and affordable – option for most businesses is to purchase a portable sink. The TidoHome Portable Hand-Washing Station is perfect for businesses everywhere!

Why The TidoHome Portable Hand-Washing Station?

The TidoHome Portable Hand-Washing Station is just $159.90, making it less than half the average cost of hiring a plumber to install a permanent sink.

The unit breaks down into seven smaller pieces and takes just minutes to set up. It has a base tank capacity of 30 liters – enough to get you through your whole day with just one fill – and a recovery tank capacity of 24 liters. The recovery tank can be detached from the rest of the unit and emptied without having to take down the sink as a whole, making it easy to empty it out whenever and wherever you need to.

The sink is also operated using a foot pump, eliminating the risk of picking up dangerous bacteria and germs when using traditional taps, and comes with a built-in soap dispenser with a six-pint capacity, so you’ll never run out of soap when washing your hands at work. With recent studies showing that cleaning your hands with soap is up to twice as effective as washing them with water alone, this is an important feature, sure to give you and your customers peace of mind.

If you don’t have the room for a sink on your business premises – for example, if you’re a travelling business like one of the ones we mentioned earlier – then the TidoHome Portable Hand-Washing Station is perfect for you! Once you’ve finished using the station, you can simply empty the tanks and detach all the parts to break the unit down into several different components, which can then be stored away easily. The unit is quick to build again in the morning, too, so you can afford to pack it away each and every night before you head home!

What If I Don’t Need A Sink To Meet Regulations?

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the importance of washing our hands with soap and water as often as we can is clear to see, and it’s more than likely that we could see some changes to health regulations in the future. Put simply, over the next few years, the rules could alter so that every public facing business needs a sink.

To keep your customers safe, employees safe and business safe, it’s well worth investing in the Portable Hand-Washing Station – in 2020, it could be the smartest investment that you, as a business owner, make.

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