Do Portable Handwashing Stations Recycle Water? Here is the Answer!

As portable handwashing stations are not as popular as other widely used products, many people do not know very much about them. If you are interested in portable handwashing stations, you might be wondering what happens to the water that is used. Is it recycled? Is it drained? There is actually more than one answer, depending on what you decide to do with your portable sink when you get it. Portable handwashing stations arrive and need to be assembled by the customer. They do not arrive as a whole product, but rather many separate pieces. Assembly is easy and it allows you to make changes to the portable sink as you see fit. So, if you are wondering about using a portable sink, there are some things you should know about the recycling of the water and how the handwashing stations work.

portable handwashing station's parts

So, do portable handwashing stations recycle water? The answer is no… and yes. When you get your portable handwashing station like those sold by Tidohome, it comes with a drain hose and a tank that will take care of the water that you use. However, as stated, there are other things that you can add to the unit. For example, if you added a sewage system you could reroute the water for environmental purposes. If you wanted to reuse the water for an outdoor toilet, there are attachments as well. That would allow you to recycle the water that you use with your portable handwashing station, and it would perhaps make the whole experience easier overall. When you get the portable handwashing station, you fill it with water into a tank that can hold almost eight gallons. This ensures that you will be able to wash up to one hundred eighty times before you need to put new water into the unit. The water that you have already used, however, will not be reused for other washes.

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This happens for many reasons. First of all, portable handwashing stations are affordable products, and including a system that would allow them to recycle all of the water would add greatly to the price and take away from the simplicity that so many people enjoy when it comes to the product. It would also make assembly much more difficult. Because the portable sinks have to be shipped in parts, they need to be easy to put together. Adding complex systems would make the process harder than it needs to be. Also, if there was a system of recycling the water built-in to the unit, people would not have the choice to do what they want with the water that they generate. As mentioned above, there are other ways that you can use the water from your portable handwashing station that would then become obsolete.

Indeed, portable handwashing stations work very simply. When you put the water into the product, there is a lever for your foot that, when pressed, will continuously release enough water (roughly six ounces) to allow you to wash your hands. There is a liquid soap dispenser built into the unit as well, and when the water starts to flow, you can begin to use the product for its intended purpose. When you are done with washing and using the water from the tank within the unit, the water will drain out of the portable sink basin and down a drainage hose into a separate area. This is where the water will stay unless, as mentioned, you choose to utilize another method of water recycling. This simplistic and straightforward system ensures that the portable handwashing stations are easy to ship, use, and understand, while also allowing customers to alter them if they wish.

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Portable handwashing stations are not complicated items and they are not meant to be. People are supposed to be able to purchase them and use them the moment that they have them assembled. With the current state of portable handwashing stations, that goal is a reality. Portable handwashing stations are just that, and the situation of their water storage and reuse is as minimal as it can possibly be. Not much work is involved on the part of the unit because not much work needs to be done. You are not paying for technology when you buy a portable sink, you are paying for a solution to a problem of hygiene.

And so, do portable handwashing stations recycle water? Yes and no. When purchased, just after assembly, the answer is no, and indeed for most people, it will stay that way. There is the option, however, for that to change, depending on the desires of the customer and the owner of the portable sink. Because of the flexibility of the portable washing station, customers can choose how they want to use it. That, of course, means a product that is simpler. Portable sinks, however, are extremely useful and helpful as they are, and they can be successfully used in a near-infinite range of locations and situations.

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Portable handwashing stations are meant to be used by whoever needs to use them, and that means that they are not restricted. The fact that they do not recycle all of the water used is not a hindrance, but an advantage. Indeed, even without recycling the water, the items last for nearly two hundred washes at a time. And, of course, without a water recycling system in the unit at first use, it is lighter and more portable. As the portable handwashing stations are, above all else, meant to be easily transportable, it is important that they are as light as possible. They are made of lightweight materials, and the portable handwashing stations as sold by Tidohome are only twelve pounds in total. The portable handwashing stations do recycle water by design, and they serve their purpose still admirably and are great tools to be used by many different people for many different reasons. Now more than ever, the necessity of portable sinks cannot be overstated.

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