Can A Portable Sink Be Useful In A Hospital?

Hygiene is on our mind more than ever right now, and with hospitals working overtime to help patients struck down with COVID-19, hospital hygiene has never been more important.

While hospitals are, of course, full of permanent hand-washing stations, there are some circumstances in which a doctor or nurse may find themselves out of reach of a place where they can wash their hands – and they don’t have time to run elsewhere and find one.

With that in mind, could hospitals benefit from the use of portable hand-washing sinks to prevent this from happening? Well, yes – and the TidoHome Portable Hand-Washing Station is the perfect one for the job. Here are just a few of the reasons why.

Simple Set-Up

The set-up of the TidoHome Portable Hand-Washing Station is quick and easy, leaving hospital staff to get on with more important jobs that they are sure to have at the time.

While the sink comes in seven separate parts, these can be built up and fit together quickly and simply, going from separate components to one sturdy unit in just minutes!

Simply fill the base tank at your nearest water source, slot together the stand column with the wash-basin, add the faucet and connect the unit to the 24 litre recovery tank using the drain hose and you are ready to go.

Why waste time with a more complex set-up when the TidoHome Portable Hand-Washing Station can be so easy to put together and have up and running – especially in an environment where time really is of the essence?

Easy To Move Around

In a hospital, things move quickly – and the TidoHome Portable Hand-Washing Station can move quickly too.

Should anyone find themselves without a place to wash their hands, the TidoHome Portable sink can be moved to their location with no fuss, thanks to the four wheels on the base tank of the unit and the convenient carry handle on the recovery tank. In fact, despite the size of the unit, we’ve made it so that one person can move the unit as a whole without assistance from a second person – this is a huge convenience in a hospital environment, where many staff are usually busy taking on very important tasks.

Too many ‘portable’ units are difficult to move around. With the TidoHome sink, we’ve made sure that portable means portable!

Built For Great Hygiene

In a hospital, it’s so important that every single time somebody washes their hands, they do it thoroughly. That’s why we’ve included a liquid soap dispenser, built in to the TidoHome Portable Hand-Washing Station unit, with a six pint capacity.

Washing your hands with soap is so much more effective than washing your hands with water alone, and hospital staff need to have access to soap at all times – with the TidoHome sink unit, they can.

There’s also often the risk that washing your hands in a sink with traditional taps leaves you open to getting bacteria onto your hands, even right after you’ve washed them. This is due to the sink user turning on the taps before washing their hands, therefore potentially spreading bacteria onto the tap itself, then switching the taps off with their clean hands – potentially picking up that same bacteria that they’d left on the taps just moments before.

To combat this, we’ve made sure that the user of the TidoHome hand-washing station doesn’t have to turn on any taps at all, with the water being controlled by a foot pump instead – this is far more sanitary and leaves far less room for those using the sink to pick up nasty bacteria whilst trying to was it away from their hands in the first place!

Fit For Use All Day Long

The base tank and recovery tank of the TidoHome Portable Hand-Washing Station are both large enough that they can be used all day, without the need for constant refilling.

The base tank has a capacity of 30 liters, while the recovery tank has a capacity of 24 liters, so filling the base tank once may potentially leave staff with enough water to use the sink all day – and the 24 liter capacity of the recovery tank means that doctors and nurses won’t be running back and forth emptying the water all day.

However, once the need to empty the recovery tank is there, it’s very easy to do – simply detach the drain hose and carry the tank to where you intend to empty it. There’s no need to remove anything else from the unit first.

Easy To Store

With so much important equipment in hospitals already, it’s easy to wonder if hospitals have the room to store something like the TidoHome Portable Hand-Washing Station when it isn’t in use.

However, the full unit can be easily broken down into seven manageable pieces, all small enough to be stored away until they are needed again. The TidoHome Portable sink is designed to be taken anywhere, so it is created with easy storage and being lightweight and compact in mind.

The pieces are all small enough that they can be stored away in whichever small space is free, then brought out and set up into a full unit in no time! Convenience is at the forefront of the design with this great product.


If there’s a need for an extra hand-washing station in a hospital, installing something more permanent could be far more complicated, and will cost a lot more too. First, there needs to be a space where a new sink could go, and then the cost of installing a new permanent sink could be as much as $400.

The TidoHome Portable Hand-Washing Station is priced at an incredibly reasonable $159.90, and can be used anywhere and everywhere around the hospital, then stored away until it’s time for its next use. As far as price and convenience goes, the TidoHome Hand-Washing Station will win out over a traditional sink every time.

These are difficult times for hospitals across America – at TidoHome, we are happy to help.

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