5 Tips For Effective Portable Toilet Cleaning

One of the aspects of portable toilets which often puts people off from purchasing one for their home, business or for the purpose of a camping trip is that people often assume that they are difficult to keep clean. While it can be tricky to keep a portable toilet clean if you’ve never used one before, once you know what to do, cleaning your portable toilet is just as easy as using it!

Here are our tips for effective portable toilet cleaning.

Just a note, too – always read the instruction manual which comes with your portable toilet before using or cleaning, as different models may require different care.

Always Properly Prepare Your Toilet For Use First

You can make the cleaning process simpler by ensuring that you prepare your portable flushing toilet for use properly first. One of the things that you can do is deodorise or disinfect your toilet before you use it.

To do this, pick up a toilet disinfectant – available in many stores in the form of both powder and liquid – and pour a small amount into the waste tank and the base of the toilet. Always make sure that the two tanks of your portable toilet are latched together first.

Add water to the water tank, then pump the water so that you flush your toilet twice. This should allow the disinfectant to spread to the different areas of the toilet, making it less smelly when used and easier to clean afterwards.

Once you have flushed the toilet twice, close the water tank – your toilet should now be ready to use.

Choose Your Toilet Paper Carefully

Another way that you can ensure easier toilet cleaning is to take cleaning into account when you purchase your toilet paper.

If you can, choose a bio-degradable toilet paper. This is far less likely to clog the flushing mechanism or waste tank, which would make cleaning your toilet far more difficult. Bio-degradable leads to less waste, easier flushing, simpler cleaning and it’s far better for the environment as a whole – it’s the best option all round, for you and the planet!

Regular toilet paper can be used, though, so don’t worry if you’re unable to get your hands on bio-degradable toilet paper - just keep in mind that it may make for slightly more difficult cleaning. If you do have to use regular toilet paper, be sparing – don’t put too much down the toilet after each use.

Clean After Emptying

You should empty your portable camping toilet as soon as you start to see the waste tank filling up, or before you head home from your trip, and should always clean it immediately after emptying. If you let yourself get into the habit of emptying the toilet without cleaning it right away, you could end up with some rather unsightly stains on the toilet itself, and nobody wants that!

In fact, the best way to keep waste at a manageable level – which will make for much easier cleaning – is to empty the toilet ever each use. While emptying a portable toilet isn’t a job anyone particularly wants to do more often than they need to, it will make for much easier cleaning and will allow you to keep your portable toilet in top condition for far longer.

Of course, not all portable toilets are created equal, and some models will be much easier to deal with than others! All TidoHome portable toilets use a splash-free spout and have been made with odor-trapping materials, two features which will make emptying and cleaning your toilet far less unpleasant than you may imagine. They are also built using technology which funnels out waste, simplifying the emptying process to keep things as quick and easy as possible for the user.

Emptying your toilet after each use might, at first, sound like a huge pain, but you’ll thank yourself for it when it comes to trying to give your portable toilet an effective clean.

Use The Correct Products

Make sure that, when you clean your toilet, you are using the correct products to do it.

Always consult the user manual or instructions that came with your toilet in order to find out which cleaning products are the most recommended for the particular toilet that you have. Some models might come with their own brand-specific disinfectants which would have to be re-purchased through that particular manufacturer – if that’s the case, always stick to those products, as they’ll be the best ones to work with that specific toilet.

Make Sure You Clean Your Toilet Effectively

While cleaning a portable toilet might be a pretty unpleasant job at times, it’s always best not to cut any corners, and to make sure that you clean the toilet thoroughly every time!

Your portable toilet should come with a guide which explains how to properly clean it, so always refer to this first. Separate the waste tank from the toilet when you are cleaning them, so that you can do both parts fully and make sure you get all the dirt or waste washed out.

When washing your toilet, it’s best to use liquid that can be poured/sprayed directly onto the areas where waste could get stuck. It’s best to do this outside, as it’s less sanitary to clean your portable toilet within your home – a hosepipe is ideal for spray-washing the toilet, though pouring water from a jug directly onto the toilet should work, too.

Once you have cleaned the toilet of any visible waste, always flush your toilet out twice with disinfectant and deodoriser. Making sure that you clean your toilet thoroughly and don’t skip any steps each time you clean it will extend how long your toilet lasts, and will ensure that your toilet is always the most sanitary and hygienic that it can be for each use.

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