5 Benefits of Using a Portable Sink

Whether you plan to go camping, build a tiny house, or improve the hygiene practices in your school or office, getting a portable sink for the job can be a worthwhile investment for you. It is especially important given the current state of things today.

A portable handwashing station is just what you need. Although the main thing that draws people to these sinks are convenient, there are a lot more into it than just that. These portable washing stations are excellent purchases because of the 5 Benefits:    

1. An Important First Line of Defense Against Germs

Many people are always getting sick because of a lack of access to medicine. But more than that, lack of access to clean water for cleaning poses a greater risk. This is one of the concerns that you will be able to address if you get a portable handwashing station.

These units provide an excellent buffer against germs that can cause diseases. A portable sink at home, in your RV, or on your camping trip, provides an additional layer of defense against bacteria and viruses. Although having alcohol and hand sanitizers also do the job, these items are more expensive and impractical than water and soap. Hence, getting a sink that can provide immediate access to clean water to wash your hands is an excellent option to consider. Water and soap are not only cheaper, but you are also ensuring that you and your family have lesser chances of getting sick.     

Having a portable washing unit in your establishment also helps you follow hygiene requirements without having to break your pocket. Many health departments provide guidelines that establishments must follow. For example, the department may require the school or business to have one or two sinks for every five toilets or a certain number of people.   

2. Self-Contained System

The next benefit that you can from a portable sink is that it is a self-contained system. Unlike conventional sinks that need installation and access to running water through a plumbing system, these sinks are self-sufficient. With the use of pumps and dedicated hoses and tanks, you can have access to water to wash your hands without much worry. If you want hot water from a portable washing station, all you need to do is plug it to an electrical source or a battery pack, and you got yourself hot water.

Furthermore, because the system is self-contained, you do not have to worry about calling in professional plumbers to fix any broken pipelines. The whole system can function on its own. The tanks are large enough to supply enough water for your needs without continually refilling. The independent parts all work together to support the whole system.   

You can find all the main parts, usually inside a locking cabinet. The tanks for freshwater and wastewater are separate, making it easy to clean and maintain. The tanks are also usually detachable and replaceable.  

3. Mobility

Aside from protection against germs and diseases, and the self-contained system, portable handwashing stations also provide mobility. Compared to traditional sinks that stick to one place once installed, mobile washing units are movable. It means that you can move it and place it wherever you want.

It is an excellent option if you are prone to moving things around your area to maximize the available space like in campsites and tiny houses. Because they are moveable, you can easily convert your space into something else once you are not using the sinks. You can easily store them somewhere while using their usual place. Some units do not have wheels but are light enough to carry around, while some you can easily wheel around.  

4. Ease of Use

Portable handwashing stations provide easy access to clean water wherever you go. The design of these units is simple and economical. Most of them come with foot pumps that will dispense water from the freshwater tank and a drain hose attached that delivers wastewater to the designated tank. For school and business-grade ones, there are faucets in place instead of foot pumps that can help control the dispense of water. 

Maintaining the sinks are also easy. The wastewater tank and freshwater tank are usually separate tanks. So, when disposing of the wastewater, you can easily detach the tank and dispose of the dirty water accordingly. Cleaning is also easy. 

5. Affordable Price

The price and expenses are also other attractive factors that make portable sinks essential purchases. Compared to installing a traditional sink, getting a mobile unit is the cheaper alternative. With around the same amount, you will already get the whole self-contained unit, compared to only a sink or two, some pipes, and maybe tiles for regular sinks.

Aside from the price, when you get a portable unit, you can save on the installation fee. Since these sinks are self-contained and movable, you do not need to hire professionals to set up the plumbing and drainage system for you. It also saves on further expenses for fixing worn out and leaking pipes, which is a common problem with conventional sinks.

These sinks will also help you cut back on your water bills. And since you control your water source, you do not have to worry about unexpected water supply cuts. You just need to fill the tanks when needed, and you will get your water, minus the bill, and interruptions.

Furthermore, since portable sinks are very versatile, you can use them you whatever purpose. One minute, you can use it a sink for one of the restrooms in your building, the next, you can place it in the hallway for easy access. Or, you can drag it around during festivals. Or, it can be a temporary handwashing area in case of renovations you might be having at work. You can even purchase one for your food stall. You do not have to rely on a communal sink that some stalls share at food parks and food courts. This versatility allows you to cut back on additional sink purchases.


With the current economic and health status of the world today, it is indeed an excellent investment to get a portable sink or two. With this purchase, you are adding another layer of defense against diseases for your employees, students, or family. And because these handwashing stations are portable and movable, you can also save on space and money. It is an excellent purchase if you want to be conscious about how you use the area that you have like those in tiny houses. You can use the sink in your bathroom, in your kitchen, or outside in your yard. Then, you can store them when not in use.  

Instead of spending thousands on a traditional sink that you cannot bring along with you on your trips or move around, you can just purchase a portable sink. They are self-contained systems, which need lesser maintenance than conventional sinks. There is no need for any professional hand. You can easily manage things by yourself. Disposing of wastewater is easy, and refilling the freshwater is a breeze.

So, when you decide to get a tiny house, go on a camping trip, need a temporary sink, or any other reason, consider getting a portable handwashing unit.

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